A rotating menu of house made pastries and baked goods, including scones and muffins, as well as savory dishes from our refrigerated case.

Selection varies daily.


Available 11am - 3pm

Saltbox Farm Classic Deviled Eggs

mayo, dijon  1.25


soft mozzarella, olive oil, grilled bread  12

Beet and Apple Salad

greens, blue cheese, walnuts  10

add chicken  16

Hearts of Romaine Salad

green goddess dressing, tomato, cucumber, radish  10

add chicken  16

Speck Tartine

roasted apples, goat cheese, balsamic, pickled onion, radish  10


house mayo, white cheddar, lettuce  11

Spicy Chicken Sando

chicken breast, chili spread, pickles, cheddar  11

Veggie Sando

roasted veggies, feta, nut free pesto, lettuce, balsamic  11

Soup of the Day



Pick 3 Plate

choose 3 of our vegetables, salads and grains in the case  9


We also offer regular menu specials, along with a wide variety of entrées, vegetables, salads and desserts in our refrigerated case.