our story

Chef Ben Elliott opened Saltbox Kitchen in 2015, following a personal and professional journey that began with childhood days spent with his mother and grandparents at Saltbox Farm. It was at Saltbox Farm that Ben first found a love for cooking and for the family traditions built in the kitchen and around the dining table.

After spending more than 15 years as a professional chef, and while working for Chef Barbara Lynch in Boston, Ben and his wife Julia moved to Saltbox Farm to raise their family and ensure that the property remain part of Concord’s agricultural community.  In 2009, Ben left the fine dining scene to restore the farm and spend more time with his young family. Soon after, Ben began preparing the property to farm and working as a private chef for local clients. Ben reunited with former colleagues to launch the Saltbox Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, The Cooking School at Saltbox Farm and his catering company. In 2015, Ben and the team opened Saltbox Kitchen as a neighborhood café and craft brewery that’s also home to his growing catering business.

Today, we honor the legacy of Saltbox Farm by using vegetables, honey, eggs, lamb and hops grown at the farm in our dishes at the restaurant and at our catered events. It is Ben’s goal to ensure a sustainable future for the farm that has played such a pivotal role in his and his family’s lives.